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Supreme Liver
Price: Powerful Rejuvenator
Hepatic Optimizer/Purifier
60 capsules
» Healthy Liver Function
» Powerful Detoxifier
» Enhance Metabolism

Supreme Liver™ is an all-natural formula, developed with scientifically proven, targeted ingredients to optimize the health and efficiency of your liver. This complete formula contains a potent complex of phytonutrients (including milk thistle seed extract which is shown in studies to help generate new liver cells) that help detoxify the liver, enhance its efficiency and provide antioxidant protection. The health of your liver is critically important to athletes. It stores vitamins and nutrients, makes and regulates vital chemicals, helps metabolize important nutrients such as protein, breaks down harmful substances and cleans your blood. High protein intake, intense training, steroids, alcohol, pollutants and certain supplements can cause enormous stress on the liver, which reduces its efficiency, diminishing health, performance and recovery.*

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