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Glutamine - Booster
Price: Supports Immune Function
Recovery & Immune Booster
500g powder
» Anti-Catabolic
» 300% Better Absorption
» Increased Recovery
» Promote Immune Health

Micronized Glutamine™ by John Scott's Nitro contains pure pharmaceutical grade, crystalline L-Glutamine which has been micronized for increased surface area so the body can absorb it faster and more efficiently. L-Glutamine supplementation has been shown in countless research to be an extremely effective way for both men and women to increase their body's recovery time, boost their immune system and help prevent over-training (a potentially dangerous, muscle wasting condition). L-Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid for athletes because physical activity depletes your body's supply of it. Therefore, proper supplementation with L-Glutamine will help maintain higher muscle nitrogen levels and boost immune function via greater Glutathione levels (your body's main anti-oxidant). This can result in significantly greater workout intensity levels, increased athletic performance and recovery.*

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